notes from Dresden

"Theoretical Treatment and Empirical Rules"

includes framed inkjet prints, a series of works on paper (in collaboration with N8 Walker), mixed media wall compositions, all of which are included in an installation/performance.  The performance took place during the week of September 11, 2017 and will remain as an installation until January 26, 2018

Two works on paper (in collaboration with N8 Walker) are also currently exhibited at Galerie Ursula Walter, Dresden

A public art project/architectural intervention on the campus of the Technical University will also be proposed to the City of Dresden

WT to print 1.jpeg


Arriving in Dresden for my residency at the Technical University, I felt immediately heavy (as I also felt in Cologne).  Seeing only remnants of the Baroque architecture, it’s immediately apparent what has been lost due to the wartime bombing campaigns.  Pockets of proud, royal, decorated domes and spires, surrounded by a city which needed to be quickly rebuilt on a shoestring budget is just profoundly heartbreaking.  So my first reaction to Dresden was one of reflection and humility.

At the Technical University (as a Boston native, I see it similar to MIT) the historical collections are impressive and tell an interesting story about the history not only of this place of study, but also of Saxony.  I received a wonderful visit to the Collection of Pigments and Dyes, the Historical Collection related to Color Education and Study, retired Chemist and Professor Hartmann lectured me on how the Industrial Revolution in Germany lead to vast amounts of tar (a byproduct of coal manufacturing), in which is found analine and how this opened the doors for modern synthetic dyes and later pigments.  Architect Thomas Kanthak gave me an overview of the University’s study of color and light, and together we looked at color in its many forms including the complex neuroscience of vision.