Katharina Krohn

Katharina Krohn died Thursday, July 20, 2017, of heart failure at the Clara Hospital in Basel.

Katharina took over the family art gallery in Badenweiler, Germany in 2002 and moved it to Basel, where she maintained the general gallery program her mother, Dr. Luise Krohn and brother, Eke Krohn had both built, while adding her own aesthetic over time, inspired by regular stays at the family house on the Greek island of Corfu and the incessant garden work both in Corfu and Basel.  Katharina first needed to feel something in an artwork, and then in the artist, for her to bring someone new into her gallery.  Once the artwork was hung, she would walk through the rooms alone often each morning, and continue to look, to feel.  I think it was this that she may have loved most of all, the quiet communion with the changing exhibitions in her gallery space.

Katharina loved the artists (many of them), but not the commercial side of the art business.  She was always governed by her heart above all else.