2018    -"Matt McClune", Galerie Nanna Preußners, Hamburg                                                       

2017    -“Informelle Malerei”, MultipleArt, Zürich    
2016    -“The Solo Project”, Basel, Switzerland (Renata Fabbri Arte Contemporanea)
2015    -“Matt McClune: Cold as Ice”, Renata Fabbri Arte Contemporanea, Milan
    -“Spatial Color Studies”, Peters Projects, Santa Fe
2014    -“Matt McClune”, Peter Blake Gallery, Los Angeles
    -“Matt McClune” (with Carlo Borer), Radial Art Contemporain, Strasbourg
2013    -"Matt McClune", Galerie Mark Müller Project Room, Zürich    
    -"Color and Form", Galerie Robert Drees, (with Axel Anklam) Hannover
    -"The Transparence of Color", (with Nick Terry) Galerie Renate Bender, Munich
2012    -"Material Colour", (with Elena Monzo) Galleria Traghetto, Venice
2011    -"Matt McClune", ArtKarlsruhe, Galerie Renate Bender, Karlsruhe    
    -"Burgundy Lights" (with catalog), Galerie Renate Bender, Munich
2009    -“Living in France…”, Galerie Katharina Krohn, Basel
2007    -"Temperature/Time", Howard Yezerski Gallery, Boston
2005    -"Matt McClune", Galerie Katharina Krohn, Basel
2004    -"Matt McClune; Recent Paintings", Howard Yezerski Gallery, Boston
    -"Matt McClune", Chac-Mool Gallery, Los Angeles


2018   -"Painting Black",  Museum Wilhelm Morgner, Soest                                                          

2017   -“Remembering The Future”, Altana Galerie and the Technische Universität, Dresden
    -“sensualminimalphysical”, Galerie Renate Bender, Munich
2016    -“Summer Show”, Renata Fabbri Arte Contemporanea, Milan
    -“50 Shades of Red”, Galerie Renate Bender, Munich
2015    -“Works on and With Paper”, Galerie Renate Bender, Munich
    -“Mostly Monochrome”, Galerie Renate Bender, Munich
2014    -“Faszination Der Farbe”, Kunsthaus Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany
    -“M wie MultipleArt”, Kunsthaus Zofingen, Switzerland
    -“6th Sense”, Peters Projects, Santa Fe, New Mexico
    -“Last But Not Least”, Galerie Katharina Krohn, Basel
2013    -Das Kleine Museum, Weissenstadt, Germany
    -“Lapislazuli and Purpur. How the Color Came to Us”, Galerie Renate Bender, Munich
    -"Black and White", MultipleArt, Zürich    
    -“Fascination of Color”, DavisKlemm Gallery, Wiesbaden    
    -“Kind of Blue”, Galerie Katharina Krohn, Basel
    -"Hauptsache Grau #1",(with catalog) Mies Van Der Rohe Haus, Berlin
2012    -Premio internazionale Limen Arte 2012,(with catalog) Vibo Valentia
    -"WOP!", Fabbri C.A. Contemporary Art, Milan
    -"StartUp", Kn Studio, Verona
    -"Artists Deluxe", Palazzo Victoria, Verona
    -"Zum 10-jährigen Bestehen", Galerie Katharina Krohn, Basel
2011    -"Presente/Futuro", Fabbri C.A. Contemporary Art, Milan
    -"Hors Toile", Oulan Bator, Orléans
2010    -"Monochrom II", Galerie Renate Bender, Munich
    -"Homage to Antonio Scaccabarozzi", Galerie Katharina Krohn, Basel
2009    -“Espace Compris”, Interface, Dijon
    -“Colors”, Galerie Jean Greset, Besançon
    -“What’s Out There”, Galerie Renate Bender, Munich
2008    -"John Beech, Joseph Marioni, Matt McClune, Peter Tollens, Ulrich Wellman, and Brian Zink", Howard Yezerski Gallery, Boston
    -“Vorsicht Farbe”, Galerie Katharina Krohn, Basel
2007    -“New Acquisitions”, Decordova Museum Lincoln, Massachusetts2006    
    -“4”, Galerie Katharina Krohn, Basel
2006    -"Summer Show", Howard Yezerski Gallery, Boston
    -"One American Xmas Show", Galerie Katharina Krohn, Basel
2005    -"Variations on Yellow", Charlotte Jackson Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico
    -"Portraits of Color", Chac-Mool Gallery, Los Angeles
    -"Paint on Metal; Modern and Contemporary Explorations and Discoveries” (with catalog), Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson, Arizona
2004    -"Weihnachtsausstellung", Galerie Katharina Krohn, Basel
    -"By Invitation", Charlotte Jackson Fine Arts; Santa Fe, New Mexico
2003    -"Boston Abstraction Now", OSP Gallery, Boston
    -Howard Yezerski Gallery, Boston
2002    -Chac-Mool Gallery, Los Angeles
    -Howard Yezerski Gallery, Boston
2000    -“Beauty”, Mills Gallery, Boston
1999    -"9th Triennial", Fuller Museum of Art, Brockton, Massachusetts
    -Howard Yezerski Gallery, Boston
1998    -Gallery at Green Street, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts