bio summary

Matt McClune was born in 1973 near Boston.  He studied art at the University of Rhode Island, Kingston, The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Massachusetts College of Art, Boston.  He lives and works in Burgundy, France.

For the past 15 years Matt McClune has been taking visual clues from the environments of specific locations in France and elsewhere, and distilling them into his often quiet, meditative paintings, flooded with light. At times bordering on the monochrome, more often active and gestural, the many-layered washes of clear polyurethane gel, containing pure, finely-dispersed pigments, are applied to various metallic supports with specially-made spatulas of varying widths.

Ideally seen in changing natural light, McClune’s paintings often shift in mood and color, as the light of day penetrates into the layers. In 2015 he began using a range of pigments which also shift in tonality depending on the placement of the viewer, accentuating the split- personality often contained within.

He is interested in not just the impact of a particular light/color situation, but also on the architectural composition of the painting. Often informed by assemblages of found material, McClune builds color compositions that at times sedate with subtle swooping lines reminiscent of the fall of light fabric, while others stand resolutely in their blocky or aggressive consonance.

Matt’s early paintings were romanticized aerial views of foreign landscapes, as seen from an airplane window, with vague but profound depth and space. This lead to a focus on the paint as the subject, rather than a painted image. Moving to the French countryside in 2004, surrounded by people obsessed by their various “climats” or “terroir” brought about paintings that were both “of a specific place, at a specific time” as well as paradoxically non- representational.

This, combined with his compositional structures, creates work that is both intellectually rigorous and immaterially transcendental.

-Renata Fabbri Arte Contemporanea